Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing
Kozier • Erb • Abdalrahim • Abu-Moghli • Saleh

Fundamentals of Nursing provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of nursing, addressing key learning outcomes through theoretical explanations and practical illustrations. An emphasis on Arab world nursing practices and a consideration of the religious and cultural values that impact on patient treatment in the region make this book an invaluable resource for anyone planning to study or work as a nurse in this part of the world.

Price: £48.99
ISBN: 9781408257296
Published: January 2012

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Barbara Kozier was educated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. After obtaining a bachelor of arts degree from the University of British Columbia, she entered the nursing program at that institution.
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Glenora Lea Erb was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. All of her schooling took place in Calgary and, with her identical twin sister, she attended the Nursing School of Calgary General Hospital.
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Dr. Maysoon S. Abdalrahim received her BSc degree in nursing and MSc degree in nursing education from the University of Jordan, and her PhD in nursing care from the Faculty of Health and Caring Sciences, Gothenburg University. Read more…
Dr. Fathieh Abu-Moghli earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Jordan. She was awarded a scholarship from the university to continue her graduate studies.
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Dr. Mohammad Saleh, a registered nurse, tissue viability specialist, and Ph.D-holder, was born in Amman, Jordan. He is now an assistant professor and head of adult health nursing within the Clinical Nursing Dept at the University of Jordan. Read more…

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