Pearson announces new Customer Support initiative for digital customers

Pearson announces new Customer Support initiative for digital customers

Region-wide service reflects growing digital education trend. 

Pearson announces today that a new Customer Contact Centre will be launched in the Middle East, catering to the needs of digital customers across the region.

The new service team, based in a state-of-the-art centre in Cairo, will provide telephone, email, web-form and chat support for a series of Pearson digital products across the higher education and schools markets. The service will be available in both English and Arabic.

The new service will be fully functional by the start of the new academic year in September, when demand for support is at its highest. All calls will be taken by a team of locally-based, highly-trained tech experts. In the instance of complex and difficult enquiries, Pearson’s support teams in the United States and United Kingdom can also be called on to resolve customer issues.

Pearson says the new service will:

  • Provide highly responsive, accurate and flexible support to its regional customers.
  • Establish a more consistent and scalable approach to customer support in the Middle East.
  • Ensure Pearson digital customers can utilise the full features and benefits of their digital products as easily as possible.

Mr Alex Moore, Head of Pearson’s Gulf, Egypt and Maghreb markets says of the new Centre:

“Pearson’s new Customer Support Centre in Cairo brings together local and international expertise to ensure Pearson customers get the help they need, in English or Arabic, when they need it. We have invested significant resources to make this new service highly accessible to all our digital customers in the region so that they can enjoy fast, reliable advice from technical experts, and enjoy maximum benefit from their digital product. Our aim is to make teaching and learning more engaging and ultimately more effective, and the establishment of the new Customer Contact Centre in Cairo is one way we are achieving this goal in the Middle East”.

Dr. Wassim Daher from Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait says the new service is welcomed by both learners and educators.

“Having a service that educators and learners can easily access is vital to being able to use digital products in the classroom effectively. My students are often working to tight deadlines, so for them to be able to rely on Pearson’s new Customer Support Centre when they are working hard to get an assignment or assessment in on time is important. For educators like me, it is assuring to know that I can access accurate support through a simple phone call or email. It makes my job easier and allows me to focus on helping my students achieve their best results”.

The new service will be available to Pearson customers from August 9th 2015. To access the centre via telephone, email, web-form or online chat, Pearson customers can visit

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